OptionsCity Launches Mobile iOS Trading App

OptionsCity Software, a comprehensive provider of futures and options trading and analytics solutions, has rolled out the mobile version of its flagship platform CityTrader with an aim to grab a significant share of the growing market for derivatives trading on mobile.

CityTrader Mobile platform has all of the data quality, coverage, and reliability that a broad audience of active traders and commodity market participants have come to expect from CityTrader’s cloud-based futures trading platform. The new solution incorporates the same advanced functionality available on the desktop version, such as custom spread-building and RFQs, futures and options trade execution with the ease of an on-the-go iPhone application.

OptionsCity Software is a Chicago-based provider of futures and options trading and ‎analytics solutions since 2008. The company ‎updated its Metro platform in late October, to offer an in-between option to ‎building or buying new software, and introduced Metro Now, which allows users ‎to download task-specific widgets in the platform. ‎

These various solutions together complete OptionsCity’s integration of futures trading technology provider Optionshop, which it acquired last year.

For brokerages, futures commission merchants (FCMs) or commodity trading advisors, CityTrader Mobile can also be white-labeled as a value added alternative to legacy systems and costly in-house platforms. CityTrader and CityTrader Mobile are supported by most major clearing firms and they are currently available starting at $50 per month.

Iqbal Brainch, VP Marketing and Product Strategy at OptionsCity, commented: “We are excited to launch CityTrader Mobile, further supporting the ease and accessibility of the CityTrader platform. Customers love CityTrader for its accessibility on any web browser and this mobile version continues this value proposition while maintaining the ease of use to which customers are accustomed.”


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