Japan’s SBI Liquidity Market Enhances Implementation of smartTrade LiquidityFX

Japanese FX market provider SBI Liquidity Market has adopted smartTrade’s pricing and distribution modules, which are fully integrated in the financial software company’s LiquidityFX platform and complement its existing risk management features.

The development will give SBI Liquidity’s clients an agile solution to immediately access additional advanced functionalities. This extension allows end clients to trade larger amounts, leveraging their cash margin, while the broker can monitor and manage their risk coverage in real time.

SBI Liquidity Market is one of many brokers and dealers using LiquidityFX, which has a modular structure that allows users to cover specific initial requirements and later extend use of the software to cover additional functionality and capacity. Over the last year, smartTrade has seen a rapid growth of its Asian client base and in order to support this the firm expanded operation teams in its offices across Tokyo and Singapore.

After a thorough review process, SBI Liquidity decided back in 2013 to use the aggregation and smart order routing parts of LiquidityFX. The solution delivered by smartTrade Technologies includes functionalities such as connectivity, aggregation, distribution, risk management and post-trade. In addition to the core modules, it has an order management system and a highly customisable HTLM5 user interface which further distinguished smartTrade’s offer over other solutions

Tatsuo Shigemitsu, Representative Director and President of SBI Liquidity Market, commented: “By deploying Pricing/Distribution Module of smartTrade, we have definitely acquired a position to provide our abundant liquidity promptly and internationally. We believe it should boost our overseas business development that we are strongly focusing on Asia at the moment.”

David Vincent, CEO of smartTrade Technologies, added: “We are very pleased to further support SBI Liquidity Market growth. This solution extension is proof of a successful partnership with SBI Liquidity Market. LiquidityFX capabilities to cover all our clients FX trading needs is very convenient as it enables them to implement new modules in no time.”

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