Exclusive: Jacob Loveless Tapped as CEO of Edgemesh Corporation

Industry veteran Jacob Loveless has stepped into a new role, joining Edgemesh Corporation, an alternative to traditional content delivery networks (CDN). He has been appointed as the group’s CEO with immediate effect, Finance Magnates has learned.

Mr. Loveless joins Edgemesh Corporation after a highly decorated career. This has included multiple board stints as well as a role as an independent consultant since April 2016. Moreover, he was also the founder and leading force behind Lucera Financial Infrastructures, having led the group for over three years, . The majority of his career has also been dedicated to his time at Cantor Fitzgerald, where he worked as a partner since 2003.

In his new role Mr. Loveless will bring his expertise to the new group as it looks to remedy a litany of issues experienced by traditional CDN providers. This includes a more extant focus that helps reduce operational costs, powered by a fully compatible interface.

Jacob Loveless

According to Mr. Loveless in an exclusive statement to Finance Magnates regarding the move: “For the past decade or so I’ve worked in the latency sensitive world of high frequency trading, first as a trader and then later as a solutions provider. But really, my career has been about finding new ways to rapidly interconnect and distribute data. With Edgemesh I’ve found a team with the same goals, but playing on a MUCH larger field – the entire web.”

“Companies today are spending a fortune serving content to users, and we’re still using the same technology from 1998! With Edgemesh we’re changing all of that, an adding seamless peer-to-peer style mesh networking for content providers. That helps users access data faster, it helps operators lower the costs and it helps us move one step closer to a distributed, free and open internet. I couldn’t be more excited to be here,” he added.

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