FXStreet Launches ‘Follow’ Feature to Let Authors Connect with Fans

One of the best ways for an author to pitch their next contributions is through direct promotion to their fans. And now FXStreet, a reputable provider of news, information and analysis for the currency markets, has provided another way to do just that.

The forex information website has quietly launched a new widget for readers to follow their faves. FXStreet has a new ‘follow’ feature that has been rolled out over the past few days.

When authors release new titles, readers are now given the ability to get straight to the content by an alert that pops up once a new report is published. It’s like a newsletter, but less obtrusive. And you can opt in and out at any time.

To follow a particular author, just go to the author page of your favorite writers and click that white ‘follow’ button below the author photo. Once you are following an author, you’ll get an alert sent to whatever account you have associated with your FXStreet login when that author releases something new.

For an author, having as many people following him as possible is a great way to gain lots of exposure for his content.

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