India’s Unocoin Releases New Bitcoin Trading App for Mobile Devices

India’s Unocoin, which recently , has developed and released a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The wallet app will allow users to buy and sell bitcoin in exchange for Indian rupees as well as send, receive and store the cryptocurrency. The implementation is timely because bitcoin adoption is rapidly advancing in India, fuelled by the government’s decision to .

Abhinand Kaseti, co-founder and CMO of Unocoin, said: “As of now, there are more than 1 billion Indians who use mobile phones. More than 300 million use their phones regularly for accessing the internet. This trend is expected to go up by 56% per year. We focused on creating a design and interface that provided a seamless user experience on mobile. Customer satisfaction, easy navigation and user simplicity are the most important tenets to us, and we wanted to provide an even more convenient way for users to access and manage their digital currency portfolio when a home or work computer is out of reach.”

“We built this app from the ground up, using our very own public API, to ensure security and ease of use. It is secure with TouchID for iOS devices and password access for Android devices, and boasts a one touch button for buying and selling bitcoin, complete with inbuilt conversion. The dashboard displays the users BTC wallet, with the option to send and request bitcoin, and the INR wallet, with the option to add and withdraw Indian Rupees. The dashboard also features a 24 hour price graph, address books, messaging capability and transaction progress and confirmations,” Kaseti added.

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