Gaitame Reports a Slump in October Trading Volumes

Japanese brokerage Gaitame today released its latest set of figures for October 2016. The company continues to build on a positive performance in terms of acquiring new clients this year, with a continual increase in accounts resulting in a total of 431,855, reflecting the addition of 1,837 new clients for the month of October.

Trading Volume

According to the published data, Gaitame’s traders brought in $166.9 billion worth of transactions during the month. The figure highlights a fall in the trading volume during October compared with last month’s $213 billion, or -21.6 percent, and a YoY decline of -22 percent compared with figures of $214.5 billion recorded in October 2015.

Gaitame is one of the biggest Japanese brokerages and like many other brokerages, it has endured ups and downs in terms of monthly trading volumes this year in a pattern that has been continually seen across the industry.


In terms of the group’s deposit totals in October 2016, Gaitame disclosed a steady figure of $1.1 billion, exhibiting a very marginal decline and still leaving  some way to go after peaking last May.

Although Gaitame’s September 2016 trading volumes reversed their downward decline, October’s statement reveals another downward turn for the broker’s volumes which are still way off its peak of $3.6 billion set back in February 2016.

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