TD Ameritrade Platform Integrates Estimize’s Earnings Analysis Tools

Retail trading platform thinkorswim, operated by TD Ameritrade, Inc., a broker-dealer subsidiary of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, today launched a new feature allowing investors to analyze and build a more representative look at earnings expectations of listed companies.

TD Ameritrade worked with Estimize, the first crowdsourced earnings estimate service, to integrate its robust set of data feeds and APIs into the research offering of the flagship platform. Estimize consensus estimates are regularly referenced in notable financial media and are also available on major financial research platforms such as Bloomberg.

The new feature puts an array of historic data in the hands of retail investors through an API access to Estimize’s corporate earnings and revenue estimates. In particular, the partnership between Estimize and TD Ameritrade helps investors aggregate fundamental estimates on more than 2,100 US-listed securities crowdsourced from over 3,000 contributors, including buy-side and sell-side analysts, private investors and students.

Inside the distribution of estimates for a given earnings release, users can view a security’s projected range of earnings and revenues from several sources to determine whether a particular estimate is aggressive or conservative.

In addition, Estimize’s offering has a weighted consensus based on measuring the accuracy of its analysts’ forecasts. This allows users to build better measures of analyst accuracy and a more accurate composite estimate which will help them make the best use of data in a rigorous way.

Nicole Sherrod, Managing Director of Trading at TD Ameritrade, commented: “We’re kicking earnings analysis into overdrive for our clients as part of our mission to level the playing field. The impact of Estimize has been well-documented by academics. Combining Estimize data with our expertise on options trading platforms and post-earnings price movement can revolutionize how retail investors trade earnings.”


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