Rocket League Tracker Adopts eBoost as Gaming Cryptocurrency

, the in-game blockchain token for the eSports market, today announced that it will become the loyalty token for, which provides live tracking for Rocket League ratings with Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. plans to complete integration with eBoost in early 2017, coinciding with the launch of their site update and redesign.

“As grows, we require a more secure and decentralized solution for our loyalty tokens to provide our users with the best possible experience and add real-world value to it,” said Daniel Samer, CEO of Rocket League Tracker. “After researching our options, we discovered that eBoost will provide the strong technology and versatility to serve as a perfect replacement for our tracker points.”

Created to service the growing eSports industry, eBoost allows competitive gamers to bet on their own personal matches in skill-based competitive games. eBoost can be used in applications worldwide, including wagering on eSports where legal. eBoost recently raised more than 200 BTC (approximately $147,000 USD) and .

“We developed eBoost to be an easily integrated payment solution for eSports and gaming platforms,” said Marshall Long, co-founder of eBoost. “We look forward to working closely with to facilitate a seamless integration in the coming months.”

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