Lykke Unveils a Project Crowdsourcing/Collaboration Platform, Lykke Streams

Lykke, a Swiss Fintech company , just announced the opening of Lykke Streams, a new crowdsourcing initiative that reimagines how projects of all kinds can be staffed and completed.

Lykke Streams is designed to provide a forum for publishing project ideas and attracting talent from around the world. Project originators can post their ideas on the platform and set aside prize funds to be awarded upon completion, distributed over the Lykke Exchange. Developers, designers, and other technology professionals can contribute directly to projects of interest and work collaboratively to earn the prize.

“Lykke Streams is where brilliant ideas meet the brightest minds to make amazing things happen,” said Lykke founder and CEO Richard Olsen. “We want to provide a home for big, bold concepts and source people we’ve never heard of to complete them. You can stop waiting for so-called innovators to discover you. Pick a project on our platform right now, and show the world what you can do.”

Olsen notes that Lykke itself was the result of a similar process. “We started as a project like the ones on Lykke Streams. Complete strangers came together and built the architecture of our exchange. Many of these people now occupy key positions in our company. We would never have found them using the traditional corporate model.”

The inaugural projects on Lykke Streams include Atomic Crosschain Swap Transactions (Bitcoin/Ethereum), Lykke Services Identity, and Tradelog Data Research Paper. After the conclusion of the beta test, any member of the Lykke community will be able to launch and staff projects on Lykke Streams.

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