Startupbootcamp Taps AU10TIX to Help Fintech Startups Take On Rampant Fraud

Israel-based AU10TIX, which offers solutions for automating ID document authentication and validation to workable digital records, today announced that its standard technology offering is now available to startups operating through Startupbootcamp FinTech, a London-based accelerator focused on financial innovation.

AU10TIX’s BOS cloud service through a comprehensive paperless customer onboarding platform.

The AU10TIX’s initiative allows participants to develop and test their fintech propositions without having to worry about undue financial burdens, which enhances their ability to grow by onboarding new clients efficiently. The rampant fraud and emerging security concerns have led players in this young but rapidly growing sector to assign increasing budgets to secure their sites and transactions, which could be costly for new entrants.

Startupbootcamp is a global group of industry-focused startup accelerators which covers main fintech hubs around the world, as well as fastest growing centres including London, Singapore, New York and most recently Mumbai in India.

The exponential growth of fintech within the financial ecosystem has increased the threat of fraud, and by streamlining and securing the customer onboarding process, fintech companies can tackle the issue of forging authentication head-on. This is what AU10TIX’s onboarding technology is all about and where it has accumulated extensive and successful experience.

From today, AU10TIX is open to applications from local and international fintech businesses to participate and benefit from full technical support. Startups engaged with the program can decide later whether to continue using the service or not.

Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX, commented: “We are extending our support to Startupbootcamp FinTech startups wholeheartedly since we totally understand their needs. After all, we’ve been in that position 8 years ago. We are there to help them do it right the easier way, by planning and implementing an optimal customer authentication and onboarding gateway from day one. Unlike veteran players, these guys will go to market with a significant competitive advantage and strong operationally efficiency.”

Francisco Lorca, Managing Director of Startupbootcamp FinTech London, added: “We are always looking into new ways to provide our companies tools that will help to accelerate their growth. AU10TIX is an impressive company with a good track record already serving some of the biggest names in the sector.”

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