Euronext’s Cash Order Book Soars in January 2016, ETFs Shine

Euronext, Europe’s largest exchange, has released its trading volumes for the month ending January 2016, having secured a healthy advance off of a tight consolidation back in December, according to the statement.


However, in terms of January 2015, Euronext’s average daily cash order jumped to $9486 million (€8682 million), having secured a monthly ascension of 16.7% MoM from $8126 million December 2015. The figure also represents a consecutive monthly growth after what was a largely weak Q4 in terms of volumes for Euronext. Across a yearly timeframe, the January 2016’s volumes also illustrated a growth of less than 1.0% YoY from $9427 million (€8630 million) back in January 2015.

January 2016 also continued to see an good performance in exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) at Euronext – this was reflected in the exchange’s transactional value yielding, $890.4 million (€815.0 million) for the month, justifying a MoM growth of 9.5% from $813.1 million (€744 million) in December 2015.

During the month ending January 2016, the average daily volume (ADV) on equity index derivatives was 269,592 contracts, good for a boost of 26.8% MoM from 212,564 contracts in December 2015 – this did correlate to a decrease of over -9.6% YoY from December 2015.

Finally, in January 2016, the group’s ADV across commodities derivatives were also the subject of a strong advance, as evidenced by a figure of 60,408 contracts, up a staunch 57.1% MoM from just 38,434 contracts in December 2015. One of the main culprits for this rise in commodities volumes has been the heightened volatility across crude oil and precious metals markets, namely gold. With the recent Federal Reserve monetary policy statement, as well as dovishness exuded from the Fed itself, many commodities traders have been more active over the past month, which explains periodic fluctuations in both the aforementioned commodities instruments traded on Euronext.

Back in December 2015, , which mounted a marginal 1.0% growth MoM from November 2015.

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