FXCM Inc Board Reshuffled as Perry Fish Resigns

Online brokerage FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM) has reshuffled its board of directors as the company parted with Perry Fish yesterday. The independent member of the board of directors has officially resigned from his position after 5 years of service.

Mr. Fish is likely to be succeeded by Bryan Reyhani, who will be joining the other four independent directors with immediate effect.

Perry Fish was appointed to the Board of Directors in relation with the IPO of FXCM Inc in 2010. He is the founding partner at the Law Offices of Perry Gary Fish and served as Counsel at Berman, Schulman & Levine LLP from 1992 to 2014. His resignation was due to personal reasons and is not related to any disagreements with the brokerage’s management.

Bryan Reyhani, FXCM’s new Independent Director

With an extensive career as a lawyer, the board of FXCM is losing its most experienced member. That said, Mr. Reyhani is a worthy replacement on the legal side of business who has successfully represented clients in multi-million dollar matters.

His experience ranges from cases of securities fraud to sales practices and breaches of fiduciary duty. He has also successfully represented clients in cases related to offshore accounts, private placements, commodities, REITs, prepaid forward contracts, collars, complex trusts, derivatives, ISDA agreements and foreign currency trading.

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