ChartIQ’s Technician App Integrates with Tradable Embed to Add Trading

Powered by ChartIQ, Technician App is the company’s free HTML5 sharing solution available for both web based and mobile devices. The product was in order to remove confusion with ChartIQ’s main B2B business.

Providing brokerage trading capabilities to Technician, ChartIQ to allow for users to trade US stocks and options. Today, the firm has announced they are expanding trading capabilities with integration with Tradable Embed.

s in September 2015, Tradable Embed is an open API structure from Tradable to connect brokers and developers. With it, developers can integrate trading from firms such as FXCM, Monex and GAIN Capital, directly from their apps. For Technician, the solution now widens trading beyond just the US markets to include forex trading and CFDs of commodities and equity indexes. In addition, Tradable expects to add integration with stock brokers this year.

Commenting on the integration, Patrick Mortensen, Head of Commercial at Tradable stated: “We are truly excited about our new partnership with Technician. The speed at which Technician is evolving is remarkable. We are amazed by the impressive growth and constant flow of great new tools Technician is providing. Being part of such a great service, with our integrated trading API, means a great deal to us and is really what we are all about. Technician has integrated trading very intuitively and simple. We look forward to seeing how traders looking for an edge in their trading will embrace the trading-enabled service.”

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