CBOE Sees Steadfast Growth Across the Board During January

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Holdings (NASDAQ: CBOE), the paramount operator of the US equity options market, has disclosed its trading volumes for the month ending January 2016, having seen its total contracts swell MoM, according to a CBOE statement.

During January 2016, CBOE Holdings reported a total trading volume for options contracts on Chicago Board Options Exchange, C2 Options Exchange, and futures contracts on CBOE Futures Exchange of 102.9 million, climbing 14.3% MoM from 90.0 million contracts in December 2015.


These robust figures represent a consecutive monthly gain for the exchange operator, despite being slightly lower over a yearly timeframe, with January 2016’s volumes at the CBOE marking a decrease of 4.0% YoY from 107.2 million contracts in January 2015.

In addition, total options and futures average daily volume (ADV) at CBOE Holdings during January 2016 yielded 5.4 million contracts, justifying an ascension of 31.7% MoM from 4.1 million contracts in December 2015 and a marginal increase of less than 1% from 5.3 million in January 2015.

CBOE Volumes

Across its options business, Chicago Board Options Exchange ADV came in at 4.8 million contracts in January 2016, up 33.3% MoM from 3.6 million contracts in December 2015, with no change YoY from January 2015. The exchange-wide trading volume totaled 90.8 million contracts in January 2016, exploding higher by a margin of -15.2% MoM from 78.8 million contracts in December 2015.

In terms of ADV, index options in January 2016 have secured a steadfast advance of 35.0% MoM from December 2015, while ADV in exchange-traded product (ETP) options also fell the same margin – equity options also saw a 35.0% MoM from December 2015.

C2 Option Exchange

Furthermore, C2 Option Exchange’s November 2015 trading volume totaled 7.0 million contracts, higher by 4.5% MoM from 6.7 million contracts in December 2015 and a move lower of -2.1% YoY from January 2015. Meanwhile, ADV was reported at 367,831 contracts in January 2016, a 21.0% MoM increase from 304,400 contracts in December 2015 and a 2.9% growth YoY from 357,500 contracts in January 2015.

VIX Futures

Finally, CBOE Futures Exchange released a January 2016 ADV in VIX futures of 271,994 contracts, constituting a rise of 32.0% MoM from 206,040 contracts in December 2015 and 19.0% uptick YoY from 228,436 in January 2015. Additionally, total volume in VIX futures for January 2016 was 5.2 million contracts, up 14.0% MoM from 4.5 million contracts in December 2015 and up 13.0% YoY from January 2015.

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