UFX.com Launches New Online Trading Platform ParagonEx 4.0

With brokers striving to introduce new features which are differentiating them from their competitors, seeing new platforms on the market has become something of a rarity. The latest addition in this spectrum comes from UFX.com which has announced that the company is launching an all new version of its trading platform ParagonEx 4.0.

The company launched the new solution today and it is already available live to the company’s clients. The broker’s redesigned platform, dubbed revolutionary, is completely new and boasts a long list of new features and tools to offer to the traders of UFX.com.

The new platform  is accessible through any web browser and doesn’t require additional downloads and installations. ParagonEx 4.0 upgrades on the company’s previously available Web Trader platform but builds a new layer of functionality.

With the assets which are a trader’s favorite put at the center of the user experience, the platform is providing additional convenience to the clients of UFX.com.

Overview of the new browser based trading platform of UFX.com

In addition, the platform is adding some proprietary tools which could assist the decision making process of traders. The most notable feature which is exclusively available to the clients of UFX.com is the MassInsights™ Technology.

MassInsights™ is a tool which aggregates real-time market events with a sentiment tool about the behavior of the traders on UFX.com. The information which traders gain from the tool may be used in combination with their own proprietary signals or on its own to make trading decisions.

In contrast to some brokers that offer positioning statistics, the MassInsights™ is displaying the statistics in real time. With the aggregation of trader behaviour, the clients of UFX.com may use it as a contrarian or as a trend indicator.

The company is also launching a new bonus system in conjunction with the platform launch. UFX.com will be issuing traders cashback on every position that they open depending on the asset which they are trading. The new offering is replacing the old 30 per cent welcome bonus on the trader’s initial deposit which the brokerage was offering to new clients.

The brokerage has also recently updated its Trader App for iOS and Android adding all of the features of its browser based platform to the mobile devices of its clients.

A screenshot of the new mobile app of UFX markets

The Managing Director of UFX, Dennis De Jong, elaborated on the launch: “This is so much more than just a simple update. We’ve created a whole new platform, combining our revolutionary MassInsights™ technology with the first real Cashback loyalty programme in the online trading industry.”

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