JPX Sees ETF, Equities Trading Volumes Explode in January 2016

Japan’s paramount financial trading bourse, the Japan Exchange Group (JPX), has disclosed its monthly trading figures for the period ending January 2016, having soared to highs not seen since August 2015, according to a JPX statement.

During January 2016, the daily average trading value for the Tokyo Stock Exchange swelled to $24.4 billion (¥2.9 trillion), which constituted a rise of 13.8% MoM from $21.5 billion (¥2.6 trillion) in December 2015.

This was also reflective of a rise in overall trading volumes during January 2016, having reported a figure of 51.6 billion shares, compared to just 47.5 billion shares in December 2015 or 8.6% MoM. The jump in trading volume and value represents the highest figures at the bourse since the summer, when market volatility had spiked following the convulsions across global markets, namely China.

In terms of exchange-traded-funds (ETFs), the monthly trading value at the JPX yielded a figure of $65.3 billion (¥7.9 trillion) in January 2016, climbing 53.1% MoM from $42.6 billion (¥5.1 trillion) in December 2015. Volumes also experienced a strong ascension during the month, orchestrating a jump to 1.2 billion shares in January 2016 from 725 million in December 2015.

The steadfast performance across its ETFs is emblematic of a broader industry trend heading into 2016.

Broadridge recently , having seen assets climb to an all time high of $2.2 trillion, driven in large part by retail channels, as calculated by its Fund Distribution Intelligence.

The JPX also saw a strong monthly performance across its derivatives trading to start off the new year, corresponding to a total trading volume of 41.6 million contracts in January 2016, its third-highest record ever – the figure grew 28.0% MoM from 32.5 million contracts in December 2015.

Moreover, total derivatives trading at the JPX exceeded a value of ¥227.0 trillion in January 2016, the group’s lone blemish to an otherwise outstanding monthly report. The January figure correlates to a decline of -17.7% MoM from ¥275.8 in December 2015.

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