Interactive Brokers’ DARTs Catapult Higher in January Amidst Market Volatility

Interactive Brokers, LLC (NASDAQ:IBKR) has just released its trading volumes for the month ending January 2016, which was indicative of a massive surge MoM, snapping out of the previous month’s tight consolidation, according to an Interactive Brokers’ statement.

For the month ending January 2016, the number of DARTs were reported at 830,000, which represented a jump of 32.1% MoM from – this was further reiterated by a standout performance against its 2015 counterpart, with a robust growth margin of 22.8% YoY from 676,000 DARTs in January 2015.

In addition, Interactive Brokers’ equity balance across customers’ accounts totaled $64.8 billion in January 2016, shrinking by a factor of -3.9% MoM from $67.4 billion in December 2015. This was pared slightly by a better performance YoY from January 2015, with the equity balance rising 14.0% YoY from January 2015.

Interactive Brokers’ ending client margin loan balances came in at just $15.3 billion in January 2016, rescinding -10.0% MoM from $17.0 billion in December 2015, having also inched retreated by -7.0% YoY from January 2015. This weakness was somewhat negated by a rising total of customer accounts (335,000) that have also been active at the brokerage during January 2016, which is higher by 1.2% MoM when compared to December 2015, and 17.0% higher YoY from January 2015.

Finally, average commissions per cleared customer order totaled $3.90 including exchange, clearing and regulatory fees, with the key product metrics coming out at $2.15 for stocks, $6.31 for equity options and $5.97 for futures orders.

The New Year has been quite unkind to US equity markets, with Interactive Brokers (NASDAQ:IBKR) share prices being no exception. That being said, shares are in positive territory on the announcement, climbing to $32.66 during US trading or 1.21% Monday at the time of writing.

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