NZX Sees 2015 Metrics Point Higher as Debt Market Capitalization Fuels Growth

The New Zealand Exchange’s (NZX) released its full year 2015 operating metrics, which underscored a gain in its capital markets and trading volumes during the fiscal year, according to an NZX statement.

The metrics follow after a recent activity report from the NZX last month, , bucking a negative trend across several global exchanges in H2 2015 that suffered from diminishing trading volumes.

In terms of the 2015 operating metrics report however, the benchmark S&P/NZX 50 index notched an increase of 13.6% YoY during the year – this was party offset by a regression of initial public offering (IPO) activity on the exchange, which diminished from record levels in 2014. Despite this overall retreat however, large amounts of secondary capital and the growth of its debt market contributed to a net positive year for the NZX.

Moreover, the NZX secured a 12.0% YoY growth in trading volumes over the course of the 2015 calendar year, with its value traded up by a factor of 19.1% YoY compared to its 2014 counterpart. Of this growth, a large segment was attributed to the exchange’s secondary listing activity, boasting approximately $12.9 billion of capital raised by all issuers – this corresponded to a 435.9% YoY increase from 2014.

Another pillar of the NZX’s growth can be justified by the group’s debt listings business. In particular, new debt issues were up by 374.3% YoY from 2014, with $8.11 billion listed. In 2015, NZX’s Debt Market capitalization also soared by 50.3% YoY $19.8 billion. Finally, NZX’s Derivatives business also illustrated steadfast growth en route to a 111.5% gain YoY from 2015, with lots traded coming in at 213,627 for the year.

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