GMO Click Adds Euro Stoxx 50 and Natural Gas CFDs

Japanese brokerage GMO Click has become the latest to add new contracts for difference (CFDs) to its offering. The Euro Stoxx 50 index, which measures the performance of a broad spectrum of European equities, is the latest addition to the indices list which are offered to traders.

In addition GMO Click has launched a natural gas contract aiming to cater to traders who are looking to get into the highly volatile energy market. With the growing popularity of the crude oil trade amongst CFDs traders, natural gas has been one of the assets which possesses similar qualities, namely appealing volatility.

Natural gas traders have been very active in recent weeks after the fuel rebounded from multiyear lows. The natural gas trade is somewhat similar to the crude oil price dynamics, however there are a variety of differences lately. Largely due to the shale gas supply boom and the dependence of the price on the weather, natural gas futures have generally been even more volatile than crude oil.

Looking at the Euro Stoxx 50 addition, the Japanese brokerage is aiming to cater to investors who are willing to have a broader look at major European companies. While the German DAX index has asserted itself as the most popular trade of European equity futures in Japan throughout 2015, more trading options are always welcome.

The contracts will become available for trading on the 25th of January 2016. Trading hours for the USD denominated natural gas contract are from 08:00 local time to 06:45, while for the Euro Stoxx 50, the hours during which the contract is accessible for trading are between 16:00 and 06:00 Tokyo time.

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