Washington Establishment Figures to Speak at Bitcoin Summit in DC

Bitcoin is slowly but surely getting more into the mainstream financial order, even if just the distributed ledger technology and not the actual coin just yet. Helping this process in the U.S are conferences such as  and the recently announced DC Blockchain Summit.

At the Washington event, organized by the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the lineup of speakers will include an interesting figure, U.S. House of Representatives Member David Schweikert – a Tea Party Republican from Arizona. This will be the first time a sitting Congressman on the finance committee will be addressing the bitcoin community in the American capital.

Additional speakers will include: Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawyer Helen Wong; FBI intelligence analyst C. Alden Pelker; Jason Weinstein (Steptoe & Johnson, U.S. Department of Justice); Arvind Krishna – Senior Vice President and Director, IBM Research;  John Beccia (Circle); Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum); Marley Gray (Microsoft); Matthew Roszak (Tally Capital); and CNBC financial markets commentator Brian Kelly.

The keynote address will be Don Tapscott, an influential author and speaker on the economic and social impact of technology.  And the guest list includes representatives from American Express, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One, International Monetary Fund, NASDAQ, Royal Bank of Canada, and many more according to the lobby group behind the March 3rd 2016 event.

“We are bringing together key thought leaders from industry, technology and government in order to create a unique and focused dialogue on blockchain public policy and industry standards,” said Perianne Boring, President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

In May 2015 FTC lawyer Helen Wong gave a TED talk on the future of money:

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