Tbricks Trading Technology Selected for Market Making on CME by Maize Capital

Scandinavian-based technology provider to financial trading firms, Tbricks, has been appointed by proprietary trading firm, Maize Capital, to provide solutions for market making on listed trading venues such as derivatives giant, CME.

Tbricks offers users a range of solutions that meet the needs of trading firms. Both buy and sell-side firms have been enhancing their trading infrastructure to stay ahead of the game.

Michael Sklut, Maize Capital, commented about the use of the Tbricks solution: ”The customizability in Tbricks is impressive. Not only can we make the system behave and appear just the way we want it to, but we can also try out new ideas very quickly because of Tbricks’ app-based architecture and development tools.”

Tbricks’ market making fuses server-based auto-quoting and auto-hedging with fully configurable visualization in the front-end, enabling users to make markets with high performance and control.

Tbricks’ apps include customizable pricing, volatility management, risk management, team quoting and a whole series of trading features including hidden quotes (electronic eye or take out machines), peg quotes, multi-level quoting, quote spreading, portfolio graphs and portfolio stress testing.

Jonas Hansbo, CEO Tbricks, added: “Maize Capital has created a completely customized high-performance trading platform in a very short time.

While Tbricks does offer sophisticated out-of-the-box trading apps, the platform’s full potential is unlocked by those who take advantage of the extensive possibilities to customize it to fulfil their own specific requirements.”

Tbricks has recently been active in supporting speed sensitive firms through its low latency trading solutions. The firm’s origins are in the HFT space. In addition, it has been chosen by several proprietary trading firms, Amsterdam-based WEBB and Cebulon, for market making functionality.

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