Mango Pay Partners with Avra to Turn Kiosks into Bitcoin ATMs, Bring Digital Currency to Dominican Republic

Mango Pay, a payment processing and money transfer business based in the Dominican Republic, has partnered with Avra Inc. to bring Bitcoin to its kiosks.

Mango Pay has over 90 kiosks in the country allowing users to make payments, transfer money and fund Visa card accounts.

Avra, according to its , offers four types of services for the digital currency industry: news, payment solutions for merchants looking to accept bitcoin, a solution specialized for the tourism industry and software to turn kiosks into bitcoin ATMs. It is with this latter segment that the company has joined forces with Mango Pay, effectively adding bitcoin ATM functionality to its kiosks.

Avra says that it works with Bitstamp, BTC-e, BTER, Coinbase and/or Cryptsy for accessing the exchange markets.

Said Steve Shepherd, Avra’s CEO:

“Mango Pay has a strong regional brand and presence in the Dominican Republic, and they have the vision to see the potential that bitcoin has in this developing marketplace. The opportunity ranges from providing a decentralized currency combatting currency devaluation to allowing the unbanked to make internet purchases. The possibility for growth is truly significant.”

With the ability for Dominicans to purchase bitcoin at multiple kiosks, it is hoped that cryptocurrency will become more accessible throughout the country.

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