to Reimburse Users Lost Bitcoins: “We Admit We Are at Fault”

has announced via Twitter that it will be reimbursing users for funds lost in a recent spate of :

Many in the community lauded the company for taking this step, although some still expressed concern over the effectiveness of their security measures.

A couple of weeks ago, users started reporting that their accounts had been hacked and bitcoins had been withdrawn. Apparently, hackers managed to mount successful attacks on several fronts through phishing and exploiting vulnerabilities in the Tor network. its user base yesterday that during a scheduled software update, part of the software ensuring the security of private key generation was adversely affected for a 2.5-hour window. They added, “The issue was detected quickly and immediately resolved. In total, this issue affected less than 0.0002% of our user base and was limited to a few hundred addresses.” Several commenters responded, claiming to have incurred losses as a result.

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