Dogecoin Celebrates First Birthday, Campaign Goals Exceeded on Thunderclap

One year ago today at 03:55 UTC, Dogecoin (DOGE) was born as its genesis block was discovered. From the start, the popularity of the snowballed, and its passionate community ballooned in size.

In anticipation for the birthday, a was launched to sign up 500 supporters and have one million people reached on social media. Thunderclap is a “crowd-speaking” platform “that helps people be heard by saying something together.” Once a goal is reached, a timed Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr post is blasted “creating a wave of attention.” The site says that the White House, Levis and the UN have used its platform.

When the campaign ended at 12:00 EST today, 900 supporters had signed up and 1,026,268 people were reached on social media, exceeding targets by 80% and 2.6% respectively.

Dogecoin’s greatest feat during its first year was probably of NASCAR driver Josh Wise. The community raised over $55,000 and the campaign’s success took Wise by surprise.

The community faced probably its toughest decision in the summer. It had to do some soul searching on whether to join forces with its progenitor Litecoin for merged mining, a proposition to which the community .

The early hype surrounding Dogecoin and the fact that, like all cryptocurrencies, the path to deriving its value is unclear, made for a wild ride in prices–even for crypto standards. DOGE shot up from 23 satoshi to 298 within a two-week span and in market cap.

Six months later, DOGE declined back to below 20 satoshi–but it didn’t roll over and die. It in the 20’s and remained within the top 10 in market cap rank before . It has since discovered stability in the 60-70 satoshi range.

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