CFH Group Expanding Solutions with 50% Purchase of Tradimo Interactive

CFH Group, whose businesses include CFH Clearing, CFH Systems, and Tradable, has announced that it has purchased a 50% stake in Tradimo Interactive. Part of Etruvian Group, Tradimo is an online trading school which was founded by the team that started According to CFH Group, since 2012, Tradimo has provided trader education to 1.6 million users with what it describes as “unique, easy and beginner friendly lessons and videos.”

Recently emerging from Tradimo is a new startup unit called Tradimo Play, which launched on stage at the in November. The startup won the with its upcoming “Trade Hero” mobile game/app presentation.

The game is being marketed to brokers as a client acquisition tool which prepares prospective customers for success in the financial markets, being compared by its founders to a flight-simulator game for trading. The public launch was followed by news that Tradimo Play had signed up DMM FX in Australia as its first broker client when the game launches in Q2 2015.

Christian Frahm, CEO of CFH Group

For CFH Group, the Tradimo purchase provides an additional feature-set that will become available to their broker customers. On this, in their public statement, Christian Frahm, CEO of CFH Group, commented that, “The companies in the CFH Group portfolio lead the way in terms of liquidity, technology and front end platforms. With the acquisition of 50% of Tradimo Interactive we can now also help brokers with their marketing needs.”

Also commenting was Enrique Guzmán, founder of Etruvian, who stated that, “Having transferred the viral marketing techniques of to the financial education environment, we have had global success in evolving Tradimo, delivering a unique learning experience to traders. Our partnership with CFH Group sees two world class organisations coming together, empowering both of us and strengthening our capabilities and reach. The combined force of Tradimo’s deep industry knowledge in viral marketing and education and CFH Group’s industry expertise and insight will undoubtedly result in an exciting future for us both.”

Financials of the deal were undisclosed.

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