ZuluTrade Goes Live with Binary Options Social Trading

Earlier this year, one of the leading forex social networks . It is now announcing that its offering is going live for trade followers.

The company , in order for the community to be able to assess the strategies of signal providers. Before introducing live trading, ZuluTrade streamlined the entire process of delivering solid customer experience to binary options traders.

After going live in October, the move also provided the firm with all the necessary prerequisites, as well as to stress test its new offering in a live trading environment with the demo users.

Live traders can now share their strategies with the community and do so quite effectively, as the offering incorporates the possibility to develop automated binary options trading strategies through the company’s proprietary tool ZuluScripts.

In addition, traders will be able to manage their risk more efficiently and with a systematic approach through the company’s capital protection tool named ZuluGuard. The tool provides traders with the ability to set limits on how much they can lose from a single signal provider, a single trade or limit the maximum amount of trades simultaneously open.

ZuluTrade’s founder and CEO, Leon Yohai, shared in the company announcement, “In our continuous effort to innovate, we are introducing Social Trading into the fast growing Binary Options market, in an exclusive collaboration with the leading platform provider, SpotOption.”

“We are confident that ZuluTrade will facilitate Binary Options trading, making it available to everyone. The simplicity of Binaries combined with ZuluTrade’s advanced autotrading technology will provide investors with a powerful tool for faster and more professional trades. Furthermore, the platform is expected to help collaborating brokers to increase client lifetime, trading volumes and conversion rates,” he explained.

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