Trading Central Launches Actionable Recommendations App on the X Open Hub Platform

The platform developer X Open Hub has just announced the launch of a news and trading signals tool to be available in the XOH environment. The new application is a result of an X Open Hub partnership with Trading Central, the popular investment research provider to the financial market.

The says that the app will feature actionable content, a user friendly interface, customizable time-frames and the possibility to fill in orders based on TC levels. But these are not the most important features of this application according to X Open Hub, the main point is to save traders time by allowing them to trade directly from the application without the necessity of switching from the platform. “No user set-up and configuration is needed, unlike in the case of other platforms.”

Piotr Drzewiecki

Piotr Drzewiecki, managing director of X Open Hub, commented: “We are very excited that a globally recognized company such as Trading Central decided to choose our platform technology as the basis for its new project. The launch of TC application demonstrates not only the limitless possibilities that [the] X Open Hub platform provides, but also the trust that our technology has earned for the last few years.”

The new app is a combination of TC Feed, TC Indicator and XOH trading capabilities. TC Feed is the firm’s intraday and short-term forecasts on the forex and commodities markets, published by Trading Centrals’ analysts and available 24/5. The TC Indicator offers recommended trading levels (support/resistance/targets/stop pivots) onto a live price chart. The XOH execution is basically buy/sell buttons that allow the user to place orders quickly (85ms on average according to X Open Hub), based on Trading Central recommendations, and with order ticket price auto-fill, setting up-take profit and stop loss levels.

Alain Pellier

Alain Pellier, CEO of Trading Central, said: “We are extremely proud to team up with X Open Hub to broadcast our research, strategies and trading signals through their reputable xStation trading software. Our partnership with X Open Hub illustrates our commitment to developing the most innovative applications for the global trading community.”

Clients using the X Open Hub trading platform will now be able to choose the possibility of using the Trading Central application with these trading capabilities if they already have an agreement with the provider in place. It was also announced that the  will be the first broker to start offering its clients use of the xStation platform with the XOH front-end in January 2015.

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