ISAM’s IS Prime Set to Offer Hedge-Fund’s “Powerful Tools” for Institutional Forex

Jonathan Brewer, Managing Partner IS Prime

Alternative asset manager ISAM has announced the inception of IS Prime, its new FX brokerage service entity catering exclusively to a large spectrum of institutional investors.

ISAM was launched back in 2008 by Lord Stanley Fink. The new directive and subsequent decision to pioneer an FX brokerage service will rely on two industry stalwarts, the newly appointed managing partners Jonathan Brewer and Raj Sitlani.

The two combine for just under four decades of brokerage experience, both coming from Sucden Financial. More specifically, Brewer was recently the Head of eFX Sales, where he was tasked with the management of the company’s eFX business and strategy.

Alternatively, Sitlani most recently worked as Sucden Financial’s global head of institutional sales and a member of the EXCO.

According to CEO Fink in a recent statement, “The launch of IS Prime allows us to capitalise on the partnership template between a hedge fund and brokerage business, that I realised during my tenure at Man Group.”

Raj Sitlani, Managing Partner at IS Prime

Powerful Tools Envelope

Speaking with Forex Magnates, the duo at the helm of IS Prime echoed Fink’s focus on the combination of their own experience and ISAM’s envelope as a key differentiator. One, they believe, which allows them to implement their knowledge using “far more powerful tools.”

“The hedge fund industry attracts the smartest minds in finance, which means that we have top-class technology, world-class quants and broad risk management expertise,” they said. “It can be said that if you are the least smart person in the company then you have chosen the right organisation, and this is certainly the case here!”

Read the full interview with Brewer and Sitlani .

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