Exclusive: ORE Launches Inaugural Native Solution For FX Options on MT4

Options software-technology firm ORE has launched its first-ever comprehensive MT4 solution in a bid to expand its exposure in the options trading market, giving clients access to FX options.

ORE’s Bridge utility grants brokers access to a myriad of FX options, allowing for the capability to trade options in conjunction with spot and futures, among others, via MT4. ORE aims to reach a wider spectrum of traders with the launch, hoping to capture mounting popularity for a variety of trading instruments, namely FX.

Zoe Fiddes, Head of Sales, ORE

According to Zoe Fiddes, Head of Sales at ORE, in a recent statement on the launch, “ORE’s philosophy is simple: Create a great product and traders will use it. We focus on making options trading simple and accessible. Our customers share our vision and our team works closely with them to improve our product every day.”

“Last year, we launched optionsReasy, a web-based platform that caters for traders of all levels and fully supports education. Now, we have launched a groundbreaking solution for MT4, reaching out to a whole new marketplace. Our new offering allows brokers to give their clients access to options trading, one of the fastest growing markets,” added Fiddes in an accompanying statement.

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